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Coin Purse . Acua Park. Green

Coin Purse . Acua Park. Green

Zipped small pouch made from upcycled swimming tires from the local water park. A brilliant way to store and carry your money and small change, or store your surf wax to avoid contamination in your car/bag.The perfect size to pop into your handbag or overnight bag.

The pattern, color, size and shape may vary and deviate slightly from the one in the photo. It will be from the same inflatable toy but every bag is individual.

Size: approx. 13,5 cm x 10 cm

Material: high-strength upcycled PVC from broken pool toys

Perfect for sustainable living as you reduce PVC plastic waste that is not otherwise recycled!

Handmade in Fuerteventura

At Criatura Upcycled Goods we embrace our imperfections, by repurposing materials that have lived a life already, there are sometimes marks we cannot get out. We like to think that this gives our bags character and history, we encourage you to embrace these speckles as well.

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